Control and Safety Systems

ECS-700  Distributed Control System

Webfield® ECS-700 is a DCS for process control of all scales and complexities. It has been the top selling DCS in China since 2011.

Webfield® ECS-700 features exceptional 

TCS-900  Safety Instrumented System

Webfield® TCS-900 is a TÜV Rheinland SIL3 certified safety control system for critical and safety-related processes, assuring high reliability and availbility. It is currently the 2nd best selling safety control system in China.

Webfield® TCS-900 features

JX-300XP  Distributed Control System

Webfield® JX-300XP  is a flexible and reliable DCS for small to medium process scale and complexity. It simplifies the industrial automation architecture, enhances reliability and efficiency, improves integrity and stability, and saves cost for small to medium enterprises. 

GCS Series Programmable Logic Controller 

Webfield® GCS series of PLCs (GCS-C3 and GCS-C5) deliver flexible solutions for remote supervisory, measurement, and control. GCS Series can satisfy continuous or semi-continuous industrial process of different scales with 

C Series Process Controllers 

SUPCON C3000/C3900/C7000 are series of process controllers with setpoint program control modules, PID control modules, ON/OFF control modules, and function modules.  They offer various complex control strategies, complete data calculation, and statistics. 

With serials communication, Ethernet interface, and removable storage, the C series process controllers can be utilized for  real-time monitor, remote diagnosis, settings management, historical data transfer, and so on.


CXT Series Smart Pressure Transmitters  

The SUPCON CXT series smart pressure transmitters utilize a unique piezoresistive sensor, advanced cell design, and state of-the-art microprocessors. Some key features are

CJT Series Smart Pressure Transmitters  

The SUPCON CJT series smart pressure transmitters offer a set of reliable pressure measurement devices. Some key features are

W Series Smart Temperature Instrument

The SUPCON W series consist of a range of RTDs,  thermocouples, temperature transmitters, bimetallic thermometers etc. that are applicable for most industrial temperature measurement needs.

EMF89 Series Electromagnetic Flowmeter 

The SUPCON flow transmitters are high-precision and high-reliability products with various types of electrode material, lining materials, installation types, and technical ranges, that can be used to measure acid, alkali, salt solution, pulp, waste water, and other mediums as found in industries such as metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, petroleum, textile, food and beverage etc. 

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HD5500/1000 Series Isolated Barriers  

SUPCON HD5500 and HD1000 series isolated barriers are designed for protection of electrical signals located in hazardous areas to guarantee a totally IS explosion protection system. HD5500 series isolated barriers can also play the roles of RTD transmitter, thermocouple transmitter, repeater power supply, solenoid driver, and so on. Some key features include

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Paperless Recorders

SUPCON AR3100/AR4100/R5000/R1000 are smart paperless recorders that offer data calculation, display, record, alarm, analytic reports, statistic reports, which are extremely useful for real-time monitor, remote diagnosis, settings management, and historical data transfer. The paperless recorders have maths functions for statistics, count, interlock, timing control, and so on.

Smart Calibrators & Universal HART Communicators

SUPCON SupX600, X207, X229/X339  are smart process calibrators and/or HART communicators that can be used for process calibration, recording, and HART configuration, adjustment, and diagnosis. 

We have many more industrial instruments to offer, such as 

Control Valves

LN/LM/SN/BN/VN/CN Series Control Valves

We offer a variety of SUPCON control valves, including but not limited to

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Software Suites

Software for Control, Optimization, and Management

The SUPCON portfolio includes a variety innovative value-added software suites for advanced control, monitoring, optimization, management, and training. Such software include but is not limited to

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